Hello all! This is my first post!

I have fallen in love with YSL bags for their sleek elegance and simplicity ... and now I am looking to buy my first YSL bag!
I am looking to get a smaller bag, and have narrowed my choices down to 3...
  • -classic small monogram
  • -classic small betty
  • -classic saint laurent paris chain wallet

a few thoughts:

I do love the small monogram..but I feel maybe it is a bit too common, so at this point I am leaning a bit more towards the betty and paris.

It seems that for the monogram in the small size only comes in the grain textured leather (based on looking at ysl.com). I am not a huge fan of the textured leather I would prefer it to be leather but it doesn't seem that it is sold that way..

**based on ysl.com, there is only "CLASSIC SAINT LAURENT PARIS Chain WALLET IN Black Crocodile Embossed LEATHER" option for the paris chain wallet. Is the only option black crocodile? I have seen red and black leather on other websites...but I am thinking it might not be authentic. If so, I am not feeling the crocodile embossed leather much :/

What do you guys think? Anyone own any of these bags and have some thoughts to share? Feel free to leave a recommendation!