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    Default Tory Burch Wool Blanket Stripe Duffel Bag

    Tory Burch Wool Blanket Duffel Bag.jpg

    Imagine yourself sitting out on the prairie, the sun setting over the tall grass. Hundreds of butterflies flutter among the fall blooming flowers dotting the landscape. Now this is the kind of fall I can get on board with! Oddly, the so-called prairie look has been lurking in the shadows lately. Somewhere between boho and cowgirl, prairie styles can really freshen up a fall wardrobe. Think neutral colors, tiny flowers, floaty shapes and even ruffles! And don't forget the boots! But what about accessories like handbags? Can they join in on the prairie fun? Well, according to Tory Burch, they apparently can. Check out the Tory Burch Wool Blanket Stripe Duffel Bag!

    What a unique idea for a handbag! If you look closely, you will see the exterior is (literally) a blanket. Not a blanket for your bed, but one you might find on the back of a horse. Or, on the ground for a picnic. I really love the neutral earth tones. The taupe, cream, and burnt orange are gorgeous and perfect for the fall season. Note the size of this bag too, you could practically use it as a picnic basket (although that would probably be messy). If you don't mind the size, I think this bag will pair nicely with a similar color palette.


    Tory Burch Wool Blanket Stripe Duffel Bag.jpg
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    Default Re: Tory Burch Wool Blanket Stripe Duffel Bag

    Agree, very boho and dateless I love the color combo too, it's perfect for Autumn. Although I think this style looks much better in the smaller size. The full size that the model is carrying looks too much like a picnic blanket carrier. imo.

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