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    Default Tory Burch~ Robinson Gusset Bag or Robinson Mini Bag?

    Hey all! I've always liked Tory Burch and recently I wanted to get a smaller bag. (I usually use really big bags) I thought it would be good to have a smaller, lighter one. Other than my ginormous bags that carry the whole world, I have a Coach wristlet. I was surfing through the Tory Burch website and I saw these two:

    1. Robinson Gusset Bag
    tory burch robinson gusset.jpg
    I kind of like it in Blood Orange, but then maybe not.. I'm not sure. I just thought it would be cute for travelling. I don't know if it'll be as cute as I thought if it's orange..

    2. Robinson Mini Bag
    tory burch robinson mini.jpg
    I really like this one in Blood Orange or Clay, but it's very small.. I wouldn't be able to fit a lot into it. It is very cute though

    Those are the two that sort of caught my eye. Which one do you think is better? Or maybe you have a better recommendation for me?

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    Default Re: Tory Burch~ Robinson Gusset Bag or Robinson Mini Bag?

    I love the Robinson Gusset Bag (#1). The second one is cute, but much smaller. The first one just seems more like an everyday'er to me. Both are cute though and I love that shade of orange!!!

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