Here's your chance to give your favorite SA some love. I think the most important thing you can do as a shopaholic is make a buddy in all your favorite shopping spots. I know it's hard in retail sometimes because the faces can change weekly. Take time to shoutout your favorite SA. I know that some of you may want to have them all to yourself and keep them a secret Just don't say their name, but give them some love

Kevin Lee
Louis Vuitton Tysons Corner Boutique
He sold the last five bags I've purchased. He is wonderful. He made my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary so special.

Neiman Marcus Tysons Corner perfume & cosmetics
This is my perfume buddy. She will hold my perfumes until I can get out there to get them. Neimans is notorius for getting the hot exclusives and she hides me one when I want them.

Nordstrom Tysons Corner perfume counter
I absolutely adore Ilsa. She gives me everything under the counter literally She always loads me up with samples and gift bags even if I don't buy that particular perfume. We talk and talk. I love her.

Nordstom Pentagon City perfume counter
I haven't seen her in so long, but she still sent me cards and invites to events. I wonder if she still works there. She was my 1st perfume buddy.

Nordstrom Columbia Mall perfume counter
This is my Girl. She always takes care of me too. She really hooked me up for my trip to Jamaica this year. One of the perfumes just happened to have a beach set give away with purchase. I didn't buy the perfume, but she hooked me up with a wrap, flip flops, and a beach bag by Moschino. She always loads me up with samples.

Art With Flowers Tysons Galleria
Very, very knowledgable about perfume. He has a wonderful store of beautiful eclectic and hard to find in the US perfumes, often referred to as niche fragrances.

This is great because maybe someone in your area could use a good buddy in their favorite shopping spot. Lawd knows we've all had our share of bad SAs I'm sure. I found Ilsa through a thread like this on another board. I can't keep a buddy at the Gucci in Tysons. They change like underwear in that one. So let us know who is blowing up your spot.