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DOHA Used designer bags have opened a new domain for charity here. Liz Alias, a Doha resident recently started a website that buys and sells pre-owned bags made by some of the top labels of the world.

" was born out of my obsession for bags," said Alias. "I used to sell bags among my circle of friends back home in Singapore,"she said.

Alias conceptualised and designed the website which has separate pages for brands like Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Fendi. The bags, she assures, "are 100 percent authentic".

Liz and her husband Hassan always wanted to help the underprivileged class. One of their main criteria is that sellers donate a minimum 10 percent of their sale to charities and educational needs of needy family. Sellers get to choose the charity they would like to contribute to. "It's always good to give something back to help people in need and the less fortunate. Even a little will mean so much," said Alias.

"We had decided to do our best to help the disadvantaged members of society after Hassan retired from job," she said. "We thought over this and we wondered why wait till retirement when we could start now."

Concerning terms and conditions, she said "For sellers, all bags must be 100 percent designer authentic. Bags must be in good conditions. Sellers get to quote their selling price, and the amount they want to pledge to charity."

Alias plans to keep the bags for a period of three weeks to two months. Moreover, photos submitted for online sale must be of the actual bag they are selling and not copies of other bags.

It sounds like a great idea, but I wonder... I wish they had more photos.

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