Okay...since I've been asked by multiple people to review the No!No! (no!no! Long-Term Hair Removal) I am going to keep a running review.

So... DAY 1:
I watched the DVD (which you should totally do) and got the idea of how to use it. I am fully aware that this is a commitment type treatment. You are told to use it 2-3 times a week and see the major results in 8 weeks. I'm not looking for an instant miracle here so I can do that!

I shaved yesterday morning - not knowing that it would be here so soon! So I have day old stubble this morning. I started up the No!No! (note - it's attached with a cord to the outlet, I didn't know this, I thought it was cordless). It's tough to get the hang of. You want to glide it over fast but it has a light that lets you know when you're going too fast and if you're pressing too lightly. I ended up getting the hang of it around the end - I think it only took me like 20-30 minutes for both legs today. I did notice some feelings of "heat" from it and I think because you have to go against the grain - I do have a little irritation but it's also EXTREMELY dry here so I blame half of it on the weather.

I used the buffer after the No!No! and I definitely think this is a step you CAN'T skip. As far as a "burning hair smell", I noticed it SLIGHTLY but it's not bad. I'm sure on longer hair it's a bit powerful but I can live with it.

Anyway - my legs feel smoother than they did and I think in the spots that I actually started doing it correctly - they are smooth as a baby's butt!!

So that's Day 1. I'll keep this running as I go along.