Just wanted to share my BLVD Bags experience. I was coveting a bag featured in Lucky mag and one day noticed the bag dramatically reduced in price on the BLVD website. I even called them up to ask about certain details and dimensions. Well, the nice gal I spoke with didn't even know the bags were on sale and the person handling the line was not in. I immediately grabbed the bag, knowing that this sale may not last! Well, a few days later I was disappointed to receive an email from BLVD that said there was a website glitch and the bag was really not on sale. I could still purchase it at full price. Of couse, as a bag lover and bargain hunter, I was SO SAD to be on a shopping high which crashed of course with the news.

Long story short, I wrote an email of complaint to the company and thought that they should honor the website price, etc, etc, and not disappoint a bag lover and customer, etc, etc, and to my surprise, they gave me that bag at the discounted price with an apology! I just received it last week, and it came gift wrapped in a beautiful box. The nice gal at BLVD was very helpful and I was really amazed at their customer service.

Just wanted to share a bag story that was almost sad, but ended with a happy ending!
Happy shopping everyone!