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    Blush How Do You Determine What is a "Good Deal" When Buying at a Re-Seller (Used) Shop?

    I am just wondering if anybody has any guidelines about what is and is not a "good deal" when you are buying a pre-owned designer handbag at a reputable reseller (used).

    There are a few stores in LA that sell designer items that have been used on TV and in movies. I am curious if that is supposed to ad value? (To me, I couldn't care less -- other than the purse probably wasn't carried much except as a prop).

    I am looking ad a couple Prada bags that are very similar and the prices seem to vary greatly.

    Any opinions on what is a "good deal?"

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    Default Re: How Do You Determine What is a "Good Deal" When Buying at a Re-Seller (Used) Shop

    i would not pay full price or even remotely close to it for something that is does not matter whether it was a prop or carried by a celebrity.
    A "good deal" would depend on how old the style is, what condition the bag is in and if the style is a classic. If you are buying a higher end used purse, make sure to do your research and find out the details of the particular style and its original price, and then make your decision.
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