I consider myself old school and if a time machine existed I would love to teleport and live in the 20’s or 40’s particularly for the fashion. The fashion of those days was so impeccable, unique, classy and sophisticated. Over the years, I think the style from long ago has been lost. People these days only dress up when the occasion calls for it.

Fashionista’s are pretty much the only people that probably get dressed up whenever they go out, I would say that’s how people were back then. Does it make people that don’t want to dress up bad people? Of course not. I just think the idea of true fashion for both men and women has pretty much vanished over the decades.

Every time I see a shoe that could of been from the 20’s or 40’s I scream. I love when designer have the guts to bring back “old school” fashion. The Madewell Canvas “Boardwalk” Brogues is definitely the type of shoe you would of saw people swinging and jiving to.

My only downfall about these is that they aren’t heels! I don’t wear flats at all but if these were made in heels I would be all over them. Just because they are flats though, doesn’t mean I’m not in love with them! Perhaps, if I was taller I’d buy a pair instantly. It’s always fun to channel fashion from our previous times. Gorgeous shoe though, that’s for sure.

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Posted by Marissa