Itís no secret that I love crystals, so of course when I saw the Giuseppe Zanotti ďSuedeĒ Ankle Strap Sandals my eyes lit up. Do I think theyíre pretty? Yes. Do I think they need some improvements? Yes. I will admit itís an overall gorgeous shoe though. I think any shoes that feature crystals on them then to catch your eye.

If these shoes came in black, Iíd be all over them. Iím not sure if I would ever get use out of a pair of shoes that are on the pink side. I could totally see these type of shoes, being that one pair you need for that special outfit. Theyíre definitely the type of shoe you donít wear on an everyday basis. Iíd be afraid the crystals would fall out if I wore them non-stop.

Letís not forget either, that these arenít any ordinary crystals, these shoes are adorned in Swarovski crystals. Iíd consider these shoes like treasure. Why wear them all the time when you have little valuable pieces that might fall out? Then again for the price they cost, Iíd hope none of the crystals would ever fall over!


Posted by Marissa