Hi all, I have a couple lovely Minkoff bags (white MAC and Blood Red studded Affair) but need a big bag I can double as a purse/diaper bag since carrying a purse plus a diaper bag is just too much on my shoulders! I had already purchased a bag... what seems to be an old style MAM. Due to the low price (and MINOR damage) I jumped on it ASAP and did my research afterwards... not my best judgement but I figured I didn't have too much to lose for $50. Anyways, I think it's an old style Minkoff but I am no expert and just want a peace of mind! The inside hardware looks like a plain square metal plate with REBECCA MINKOFF stamped and a zipper without the leather surrounding it. Can anyone confirm the inside hardware and zipper for the old school MAMs? The hardware seems correct to it's release era (clasps, rounded hardware...) but it's the inside of the bag that has me confused. Thank you for any and all responses!

I want to post a link to the bag but I just joined so the forum isn't allowing me.