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    Default Rebecca Minkoff "Positive Change" Cory Purse

    Pictured Above: Rebecca Minkoff "Positive Change" Cory Pouch
    Photo Credit: Shop Bop

    Every now and then I think everyone in this world needs a little pick me up. It's hard to be happy and act like everything is OK everyday, especially when they are not. For me, when I'm down I love to read positive quotes. On my computer I have a document saved of all my favorite uplifting quotes, it's like they are a reminder of why you should continue to be positive. They give me hope and help me to strive forward.

    When I saw the Rebecca Minkoff "Positive Change" Cory Pouch, I instantly fell in love. I've always like the messages featured on the Cory but this one made me smile. This year has personally been a struggle for me, and the pouch was a reminder for me that a positive change can always happen in your life at any given moment.

    I love this pouch because "Positive Change" can be taken two different ways. Whether you are striving for a positive change in your life and that little message on the pouch continues to give you hope, or you are simply carry positive change in your pouch in hopes to get a fabulous new handbag one day...

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    Default Re: Rebecca Minkoff "Positive Change" Cory Purse

    Of course, loving this. Her little pouches are so adorable.

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