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Thread: RM publicity!

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    Default RM publicity!

    firstlt Merry christmas to all..

    well RM mac has been on my mind since long,im travelling tomo so was hopin to find a good deal n here i see a giveaway..

    however just curious,how were u introduced to RM?

    i was introduced to RM after visiting this site or else i didnt know about RM. how about u? is it popular in ur country or place?

    are there fake RMs?

    being a newbie ill need some answers and opinions.
    finally got the choo candy clutch in PINK

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    Default Re: RM publicity!

    i was introduced to RM bags by a friend who lives inNYC. i was visiting about 3 or 4 years ago and got my first bag then.

    RM bags are not widely popular and i would consider them kind of a secret shared by those in the know. they are very hard to find here and i think that is true for a lot of places.

    i have not seen any fake RM bags, but i have seen many copy-cat, "inspired" bags without the RM name of course.
    hmmmm... maybe something RED next

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