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    Default Re: The Rack is Back! RAWRRR!

    Quote Originally Posted by JessLR View Post
    I love them all!!! I want the BBW!
    Thanks Jess! The BBW has long been my favorite. This is pretty much my everyday bag and the RM bag I use the most often and I literally take it everywhere with me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Demi View Post
    Looking good =) I love the new style as well as the old.
    You seem so organized
    LMFAO! I am only organized when it comes to my bags! When it comes to everything else, I am cluttered and disorganized. My bags get the best treatment from me Bi-monthly conditioning/cleanings, ample storage space, and are always stuffed with acid free paper. Sounds anal doesn't it!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiegirl View Post
    Glad the rack is back!!! I want the BBW and Sea Green MAM's!!
    Thanks Z! The BBW is a classic and the Seagreen is destined to become one IMO! Such beautiful bags they are! :gi67:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Holy cow Gungy!! Your collection is like totally beyond amazing!!

    Can not wait to see your Iris Purple Lizard MAB
    Thank you Jennifer I'm pretty excited about the IPL MAM too! You can be sure I will be posting a ton of pics! LOL!

    Quote Originally Posted by balihai88 View Post
    Well done, G! Your collection is so enviable!!
    Ahh pooey! There are some ladies on here who have some of the most awe inspiring collection of bags I have ever seen! Mine pales in comparison! Thank you though for the compliment!

    Quote Originally Posted by tacuddy View Post
    I love every single one of them!
    Thank you tacuddy!

    Quote Originally Posted by serendipity View Post
    Great collection. Love them all.
    Thank you serendipity

    Quote Originally Posted by TaraPep View Post
    Damn Girl! Looks awesome! Should have got in touch with me .. I would have helped out your cause and bought some old tassely RM bags.... :-)
    So you're a tassel aficionado eh? Those older RM bags are getting harder and harder to find as time goes by but I believe RM is coming out with some more tasseled bags so you just might be in luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by coach-princess348 View Post
    Ohmygosh! Your collestion is fabulous!!!!!
    Thank you, Ma'am I appreciate your kind words!

    Quote Originally Posted by vuittongirlxoxo View Post
    SO gorgeous!! I love love love the stone one!!!!
    Oh yes, the Stone MAM. Hahahah, that one was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to come by but luckily I was able to get one from an extremely kind and gracious lady. It is gorgeous and IMHO, is still the prettiest light colored RM bag to date. The polished gold hardware is set off beautifully against the polished cream colored leather/

    Quote Originally Posted by VivaLaJuicy View Post
    Love them all... Congrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by marilena View Post
    Gorgeous collection Gungy. Love your choice of colours.
    Thank you marilena. It was a difficult task choosing between the different blues and greens but I think I did well!

    Quote Originally Posted by Contessa View Post
    Love your collection Gungy......the bags look's like a store....only better!
    Thanks Contessa! Long time no talk! I hope you are doing well. You know me! I take the best care of my bags possible. Sometimes I do feel like I'm in a mini store because of the way the shelving is set up, LOL! I really don't have that many bags though, just about 18 or so. Thanks for the kind comments!
    Recovering bag addict now indulges in pseudo-moderation

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    Default Re: The Rack is Back! RAWRRR!

    I love your choice colours! So envious!

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