Hello all! I've recently become interested in purchasing a Prada bag. What I want is a shoulder-style bag in a brown deerskin or calfskin, kinda similar to this one on eBay: (Oops, I can't post an image until I post 10x. Maybe you'll have an idea of what I mean.)

I wish I'd have saved a pic of the one that really caught my eye...it was very similar, slightly different shape, with no creases. It was preowned, but I fell in love with it because it had aged beautifully, with that soft supple broken-in leather look.

The problem is, I don't trust eBay. If I'm gonna spend $1000+, I need to be 100% positive that it's authentic. I can easily authenticate most Coach, but I know nothing about Prada. So how can I go about finding a similar bag from a reputable dealer? Prada's website and other high-end store websites do not show anything similar. Any suggestions?