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Prada Nappa Fringe Convertible Tote
Ee-uck. Have you seen this bag yet? This beast is a newbie from the house of Prada for spring 2007 the Prada Nappa Fringe Tote. The bags outfit consists of hundreds of dangling hairy-like fringe tassels that part down the middle to reveal the triangular Prada eye. Initial thought, its like a scary version of Chewbacca! Measurements of this animal: 10" height x 12" length x 2" width.

Right now the Prada Nappa Fringe Convertible Tote is only available for pre-order Saks. Retail of this beast, a whopping $2,450! For that price I would rather get the gorgeous Prada Nappa Gaufre Convertible Satchel in the creamy color Cera.

A.L.T and return with the Fringe, eek. Okay when I first came across this candid of ALT I was blown away it looks like hes wearing the Prada Nappa Fringe Convertible Tote. I mean is fringe the new it thing to be wearing? If so I'm skipping this trend.

Another thing, let me just say I love Andre Leon Talley (love him). Okay now that I got that out of the way, somebody please tell me what in the world is going on here? Fill me in because I am confused.. on top of the crazy fringe top coat, is that a mini leopard print wristlet he is toting around?