I like it when a designer goes beyond their typical style by feeding the consumer something that’s noticeably out of the ordinary such as the House of Prada accounts for with their latest design; meet the Denim Hobo.

Prada had to be aware that this particular piece would get people talking as it’s too unusual for it not to spark a conversation in the world of fashion. In case you’re wondering what exactly is going on here, the Italian house presents your typical hobo bag silhouette lined with a textile that isn’t necessarily their first, second or third most popular choice.
What you see there is denim that arrives in a true shade of bright French Blue. This is most definitely the most casual handbag they’ve created in a while. You’re bound to either love this or hate it, and if you’re a fan, this can effortlessly be your casual weekend accessory. The problem is that a handbag for such informal measures shouldn’t carry a price tag of $1,450.

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posted by Deysa

I wonder if denim bags are making a comeback?