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Lambertson Truex | Brant
Mid-day purse deal time! Wahoo! Lookie what I discovered on the clearance shelf - the Lambertson Truex "Brant" leather hobo marked down on sale for $600 via Bloomingdales. It's a classic styled soft pebbled leather hobo with minor eye-catching details (but not too distracting) like the brained bridge closure that clasps shut with the signature 'LT' logo metal buckle.

Get it while it's hot! While browsing around I found a similar bag, not identical but pretty close that is not (I repeat *not*) on sale. No deal via neiman marcus The only difference between the two bags is that the one not on sale has two front pockets (ask yourself do I need those two front pockets for double the price?) and the strap is in a different spot (both are shoulder bags).

The bag on the Neiman Marcus site retails for a whopping $1,195. Personally I would save and go for the Bloomingdale's Purse Deal.