(NEW YORK) This holiday season, Banana Republic will offer even more than its standard fare of cashmere, outerwear, denim and a feast of cold-weather accessories. Art-lovers, consider yourself indulged. On November 6, the retail giant will launch Live Forever, a limited edition eco-tote which will include the book Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton, inspired by a New Museum exhibit that is globally sponsored by Banana Republic. The accessory will retail for $100, which includes the price of the tome that features more than 200 reproductions by the famed artist as well as a New Museum membership.

Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton will open in New Museum in New York on October 8, and marks the opening of the first survey of painter's work in an American institution. The showing will offer a visual biography of the artist, as well as snapshots taken of popular culture icons and prominent figures and friends like Rirkrit Tiravanija, Matthew Barney, and Marc Jacobs.