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    Default The Grande Furoshiki Bag by Ananas

    The Grande Furoshiki Bag by Ananas

    Earlier this week, Jennifer pointed out a great new website to us bloggers that features up and coming designers. It's called Feng Junk. Although their name sounds a bit odd, I think its kind of cute how they came up with it. Apparently the "Feng" comes from "Feng Shui", a Chinese philosophy that creates a positive flow of energy through spatial arrangement. I guess the founders of the website feel that happiness can be found through the positive energy one feels when they score their dream accessory. Alright, I suppose that's fair enough. I mean, who doesn't feel great after buying a handbag on their wishlist?

    Anyway, I was curious about what the website had to offer, so I wandered over there. And what did I find? Well this bag I have pictured above, of course! It's called the Grande Furoshiki and it is made by Ananas. According to the website, the bag was "inspired by the shape taken when wrapping items in the traditional Japanese cloth of the same name". That's interesting! And here I was just thinking it looked kinda cool! Plus I like the glazed look that they gave the leather. It looks so chic paired with the coconut rings. So, does the sight of this bag get your positive energy flowing?

    The Grande Furoshiki Bag by Ananas features:
    - Coconut shell rings at the base of each handle
    - Magnetic closure
    - Two interior slip pockets
    - A hidden exterior pocket
    - Measures 19" x 22" (nice!)
    - Available in Chartreuse, Navy, or Black
    - Retails for $375

    Check out the Grande Furoshiki Bag at: Fashion Accessories by Andrea Brueckner, Moni Moni, Goldenbleu, and more...
    And guess what! They offer free shipping too!

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    Default Re: The Grande Furoshiki Bag by Ananas

    I likry and would love to see it up close and personal.

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    Default Re: The Grande Furoshiki Bag by Ananas

    Definitely love these bags! My favorite is the yellow
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