Antoinette Lee Designs: Vita Stitch Clutch in Canvas Stripe

Popular among celebrities like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson, Antoinette Lee Designs handbags are becoming more and more recognizable. Here, we have Antoinette Lee's Vita Stitch Clutch. And you know what's great about the Vita Stitch Clutches? They're so big and roomy! As you can see in the picture above, this clutch is a handful! Normally, you will see the Vita Stitch Clutch in leather. But this one is different, this one is made of striped canvas. So now the question is, is this a good look for the Vita Stitch Clutch? Or a bad one?

When I first saw this clutch, I thought the canvas ruined the Antoinette Lee feeling. What I mean is, it just doesn't look like the typical Antoinette Lee bag. Actually, it sort of reminds me of Francesco Biasia. But wait... Francesco Biasia bags are actually pretty cool. Or at least I think they're pretty cool. So maybe this clutch isn't so bad after all. With the right outfit, I bet a stylish gal could really pull this off well. I'm thinking high-waisted, denim shorts paired with a floaty, white top. What do you all think?

The Antoinette Lee Designs Vita Stitch Clutch in Canvas Stripe retails for $242 (the leather versions retail for $275). It measures 15" x 6.5" and features the trademark top edge X design. You can find it (and other Vita Stitch Clutches) here: Joe's Jeans, Hudson Jeans, J Brand Jeans, Raw 7, Kasil Jeans at - FREE SHIPPING