Designer Deals: 30% + Off of Some of Your Favorite Designer Bags

Not all of us can stop into our favorite designer store and spend a couple grand on a fabulous new handbag every time we go shopping. Many of us have to save up for a while and when we do get that bag we covet it. Since these bags arenít just being sent to our front doors as gifts, we want to find the best deals we can on them. I decided to take a look on because I have found some great deals on designer handbags on that site. I looked through their selection and these were my favorite two:

The first bag on the left is the Gucci White Leather Aviatrix Boston Bag. This was one of my favorites because it is perfect for the summer. I saw this bag when it first came out and I thought it was pretty fierce. It originally retailed at $2,450.00, but on you can get it at 31% off for $1,699.90. That is a savings of $750.10! For most of us that is a lot to saveÖand better yet, can buy us an extra handbag or pair of shoes!

The second bag on the right is the Jimmy Choo Burgundy Ramona Leather Shoulder Bag. This bag is great because everyone needs a red leather bag in their closet. Red bags are just so versatile that you canít miss out. This bag is the perfect red bag because it can go with almost any outfit and can be dressed up or dressed down. It is the perfect everyday bag and will last you beyond one season. This bag was originally $3,400.00 but is now $1,999.99Öthat is a whopping 41% off. Thatís a saving of $1,400.00! Yes $1,400.00!! Do you know how much you can buy with $1,400.00?? Ladies, I donít think it would hurt for us to wait it out a little longer so that we can get deals and savings like this.

By: Vanessa