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    Default Eccentric Inspirations Meet Vintage: Discover Designer Label KOTUR

    Fiona Kotur Marin first made her appearance in the fashion industry back in 2004 with the launch of her limited edition brocade clutches. The initial inspiration for her designs was from the find of an exclusive collection of vintage brocades that were originally woven for European Couture houses back in the era of the Ď60ís and Ď70ís. And ever since, she has cultivated her collection of minaudieres, brocades and handbags from a hint of classic element and culturally artistic design. Not only does she use unique inspirations for the designs of her pieces, but she also derives their names from her friends and women who carry the same charismatic attributes and worldly passions that are within her.

    Featured in her purses are details inspired by art and ethnicity that she has experienced and seen around the globe. These include a variety of exotic skins and materials such as Python, Ayers Snakeskin, Shagreen, Tortoise penshell, and feathers. Shown above is the famous Wallace Frame bag in both beautifully textured Italian leather and Python, examples of how her exotic inspirations meet classic retro. This bag is my favorite creation by Kotur as I love itís timelessness and old fashioned appeal. This handbag starts at about $898. Besides the Wallace, there are also some amazing clutches with gorgeous details that surely makes them one of a kind. Pictured below is the Riddick with metallic snakeskin patterning , the Fane Pleated Ayers Snakeskin & Raffia, and the Fino Feathers purse, respectively:

    The Riddick

    The Fane Pleated Ayers Snakeskin & Raffia

    The Fino Feathers

    Did you notice that each one is adorned with a lovely jewel closure? This definitely adds a little elegance without being overly garnishing. Also, the vintage inspired shape of each clutch makes their unique exteriors more accepting, in my opinion. To start, I love the slight zig zag pattern on the Riddick and the light metallic colored exotic skins are perfect for the upcoming seasons. Secondly the Fane with a combination of two totally different materials is so unconventional! Who ever would have thought snakeskin and not just ordinary but metallic raffia would make a great team?! I think they are paired wonderfully together. Lastly, I wasnít able to adjust to the Fino dressed in feathers. I personally donít like feathers on ANY handbag, so that one is a definite Ďnayí for me. However, the shape and small chain handle are adorable. Overall, I admire many pieces from her collection. Kotur is one new and rising designer that is definitely worth looking into!

    The price tags for the featured pieces range between $300 to $900, depending on the style. Check these out plus many more over here: Kotur Ltd - Handbags and Shoes
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    Default Re: Eccentric Inspirations Meet Vintage: Discover Designer Label KOTUR

    just checked out the spring collection - the Minaudieres are pretty cute

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