December 3, 2007

Furla faux-snake Venere Bow Bag
A few people have pointed out that I rarely bring up Furla handbags for the topic of discussion. I'm rarely blown away by Furla. I find that a vast majority of their designs to be very simple with no distinctive features that make it stand out from a bag you can buy from Macyís for in the range of only $250. Furla on average carries a price tag of $300 - $800 for a handbag.

Well after much browsing, I discovered this new addition to their hall of purses, itís the bow-shaped clutch, which surprisingly, I find this little Furla faux-snake bow purse adorable. I do wish it were made of real snakeskin, considering itís likely you can find a real snakeskin purse for this price ($345).

Discover the Furla faux-snake Venere Bow Bag
Price: $345