July 23, 2007

Song Hye Kyo and the Celine “Miss Song” Limited Edition Bag
A couple days ago an event was thrown at a Haute Couture fashion show in Hong Kong in honor of the recent release of the Celine “Miss Song” bag named after South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo.

Celine’s artistic director, Ivana Omazic on the collaboration: “Having traveled extensively throughout Asia, I have found that Asian women have become more active and have obtained more freedom in modern society. Today, I am delighted to have worked closely with Song Hye Kyo for this new creation and to be a part of an innovative project that opens up our company onto the world. I sincerely believe this bag represents the new voice of Asian women.”

The bag, which looks quite similar to Celine’s Bittersweet purse is going to be produced in limited quantities and expected to hit store shelves when fall rolls around. The limited-edition "Miss Song Bag" retails for about $2,415.

All money generated from selling the bags will be donated to Song Hye Kyo charity organizations.