July 5, 2007

Henry Cuir Insaisissable Poem Tote
Are poems only for books? Or would you walk around with a poem featured all over your bag? If yes, Henry Cuir has the bag for you Ė meet the French Insaisissable Poem Tote.

The handstitched bag by Henry Cuir is available in camel colored leather and is adorned with the French Insaisissable Poem scribbled on both sides. Features also include the contrast stitching, tab and drawstring closure, and leather shoulder strap. Measurements are 18" x 13" x 9".

I love Henry Cuir bags because they are known for last years and years with minimal wear shown. But this one in particular, I donít know about you guys but it looks more like an accident. Like for instance a glass of water spills on the daily newspaper and you unawaringly, without much thought toss your bag right on top causing the wet ink to rub off a copy on the bag.
What do you guys think? A yay or a nay?

Price: $1495
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