July 4, 2007

The $1.63 Million Platinum and Diamond Designer Purse
At a recent event at a fashion show in Tokyo, spectators were dazzled with a platinum and diamond evening purse by Japanese Jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka. The pricey piece of eye-candy is ornamented with 2,182 diamonds, totaling 208 carats on the pure platinum body casing, and retails at an astonishing $1.63 million.

This bag by far tops out Forbes most expensive designer handbag list and is way more glamorous than Terrence Howard alligator and diamond-encrusted European-inspired Borsa evening bag by Barbero Sicily.

What do you guys think? If you had this much cash laying around would you invest in this little sparkley piece? I would, but chances are it wouldn't leave my security box.

Price: $1.63 million
Discover the $1.63 Million Platinum and Diamond Ginza Tanaka Designer Purse