Todís Miky Nylon T Bag
Big bags are a necessity for me. The benefit is that you can carry everything essential to living within your fingertips. However on the flip side, besides the obvious fact that if your purse gets snatched that would totally suck and probably cost you a good chunk of change to replace the lost items but also it makes it pretty difficult to locate small stuff scattered throughout your bag. Well, good old Tod-ey has created this solution, an everyday bag for the on-the-go bagista. His masterpiece - the Todís Miky T Bag.

Designed with five super sized convenient leather pockets on the super shiny nylon body and accessorized with polished silvertone hardware and topped off with logo engravings and Tod's-embossed logo front patch. The Todís Miky T's highlight feature is the convenient easy-access pockets which are spread out around the exterior of the bag, which will help eliminate the number one problem among big bag totersÖ ďWhere are my keys?Ē, ďWhat happened to my wallet?Ē, ďMy phone is ringing but I canít find itĒ, and so on.

The bag pictured above is the silver metallic nylon version, which retails for $875. But if you want something a little bit different thatís not online yet at the major department stores, or if you just dislike nylon, then you will be pumped to know that this purse is also available in textured pebbled leather, calfskin on canvas, and natural vacchetta leather.

Give Tod-ey a call at 800.457.Tods