Nothing says Cat Lady like a designer handbag with a feline face design stamped on the front. A tribute to all the fur-baby lovers out there.

This Paul & Joe Sister Kitty Cat Handbag collections is too quirky to not take a double glance. The bags are designed in a saffiano faux leather and are very minimalistic with clean lines and feminine style… with a twist of course. The curious-eyed kitty peeking at you steals the show. For sure a conversation piece.

I would love to know the story behind this design. It really is comical. It's almost as if they had the classic designs laid out, then cut out a picture of a cat and glued it on. Most importantly- Who Is This Kitty???!

Paul & Joe Sister Elvire Pouch.jpg
Paul & Joe Sister Elvire Pouch- $95

Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Cross Body Bag.jpg
Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Bag- $165

Paul & Joe Sister Elvirine Tote.jpg
Paul & Joe Sister Elvirine Tote- $195