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    Default Charlotte Olympia "Gummy Bear" Acrylic Clutch

    Charlotte Olympia -Gummy Bear- Clutch.jpg

    I love fashion that is completely unique but yet cute. I love owning things that are different and that catch people's eyes instantly. At the moment, I own a lot of statement pieces that when I wear them out I get compliments and I love that. To me, that's the essence of being a fashionista. If you're someone that always wears and uses things that people want, you could consider yourself fashion forward and a true fashionsita. If I could, I would purchase the Charlotte Olympia "Gummy Bear" Clutch and it's only because I love Gummy Bears! I mean, I would say a lot of people love Gummy Bears and this is pretty much a giant one made for a fashion lover. You can't eat it and you probably can't fit much in it but I'm more than positive that if you carry it out people would stop you to ask about it.

    The Gummy retails for $1,595.
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    Default Re: Charlotte Olympia "Gummy Bear" Acrylic Clutch

    mmmmm Haribo's

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