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Yohji Yamamoto + Mandarina Duck = Ys Mandarina
Yohji Yamamoto has joined forces with Italian luggage designer Mandarina Duck to create a 48-piece collection of limited edition bags, travel goods and luggage that are set to make a smashing debut this spring in showrooms located in fashion hot spots Milan, Paris, Antwerp, Tokyo and New York.

The collection, which will be filled under the name Ys Mandarina will be divided into two divisions, Y and M. The Y division will feature avant-garde designs such as a hybrid hood-sleeve bag, while the M Division offers a more practical range of wallets, dopp kits, duffels, and suitcases that combine Mandarina Duck's signature leathers and nylons. Y's Mandarina prices range from $100 for a leather key holder to $680 for a trolley suitcase.

For more information contact Yohji Yamamoto boutiques @ 212.966.9066