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    Smile Givenchy Shark Jaw Antigona Zip Pouch

    The more I look at this
    Givenchy Shark Jaw Antigona Zip Pouch, the more it grows on me. Let's face it, the shark jaw is kind of cool. Well, sharks are cool too. I mean, when you really think about it that is. Like the rest of a shark's skeleton, the jaw is made of cartilage. The reason it is so hard (and preserves well) is because it is hardened by an outer layer of tiny plates made of calcium salts. I know, blah blah blah. But you have to admit the shark jaw on the black background makes quite the statement. And a unique one at that! This clutch would make a great conversation piece and would be perfect for someone looking for something a little different.
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    Default Re: Givenchy Shark Jaw Antigona Zip Pouch

    Such a cool clutch!

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    Default Re: Givenchy Shark Jaw Antigona Zip Pouch

    This would be perfect for Shark Week!
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    Loving my collection!

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