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Designer Handbag Deal: Carlos Falchi Super Shopping Tote
I love exotic materials but there is just something about the look of the crocodile flap that turns me off, and something tells me judging by how long it has sat on the virtual clearance shelves of eluxury that most of you share my opinion. Although, the structure of the bag is noteworthy - the shape and structure of the straps of the bag make it very comfortable to tote around on your daily missions.

Anyway, the bag is 50% off which is neat, but does the new price tag of $799 make this bag more appealing?

Basic Details: Designed of soft and supple Italian black leather decorated with artful topstitching and highlighted with an exotic crocodile flap closure with discreet magnet that pops open to reveal a spacious satin interior painted with a floral print. Measurements of this bag are 19" x 19" x 6" with an 11" shoulder strap (snakeskin) drop.