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    Default Kara Ross Prunella "Cork" Clutch

    Just last night I had a dinner party at my house to bid farewell to one of my best friends. It was classy and swanky with lots of food and drinks. Wine is the most ideal choice for any dinner party and a big bottle was brought by one of my friends. To my surprise, when the bottle was finished my friend grabbed the cork and put it in her purse. I asked her why she did that and she simply stated that she collected them. I'm sure it's not uncommon to hear of people collecting the corks from wine bottles but for a moment it surprised me. You always hear of people collecting shoes, baseball cards, or even cars but corks? I had never heard of this before but I instantly thought it was interesting! She proceeded to tell me that she collects them and puts them in a jar as decoration in her house. So I guess corks have a fun use to them once you're done with your bottles.

    Interestingly enough, my dinner party was yesterday and today I stumbled upon the Prunella "Cork" Clutch and I loved it! So now corks aren't just used as decoration but they are used for clutches too.
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    Default Re: Kara Ross Prunella "Cork" Clutch

    Oh yes there are so many uses for corks. I always save them!

    @Marissa806 there are so many DIY projects out there: You can make a cork board or hot place. Use them as drainage for your plants if you don't have any rocks laying around. One of my friends also used them once to make name card places for her dinner party. Or for the little ones you can carve one end and turn it into a stamp.

    I think this clutch is cute ~ love the hint of gold throughout. More summer time for me though.

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