This is really cute and so perfect for traveling with, if you're going on a short trip and only need to pack along a couple pieces. I do wonder how much you can stuff in there..

I’m currently in the air, on a plane as I write this blog entry. Of course, being a lover of fashion it takes me forever to pack for trips. I have to have numerous outfits and make sure everything matches from head to toe. One thing I found to be utterly annoying as I was packing is that I had no where to put my jewelry. Being someone that has jewelry that matches with different outfits this was a huge problem! I had to search around my house just to find something to put my jewelry in? Definitely not normal in my eyes. After hours of searching, I had to settle for an old lipstick case that was able to hold two pairs of earrings and two bracelets.

When I was browsing through Shop Bop I came across the Felix Rey “Happy Diamond Lady” Jewelry Case. I was instantly drawn to it because you would expect it to be a kids change purse more than a jewelry case. Which is probably a good thing these days with the amount of theft.

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posted by Marissa