Leah & Bliss Birk&#.jpgLeah & Bliss Birk&#.jpg
Take one look at the Leah & Bliss Mini “Uptown” Pearl Bag and what other designer brand comes to your mind? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking of, it’s definitely the Hermes “Birkin”.

I’m sure if someone were to interview the designers at Leah & Bliss they would say they were inspired by Hermes but added their own little twist to the over popular bag. After I got over the Hermes comparison, I instantly thought of Lady Gaga. I’m pretty sure one of Lady Gaga’s most famous outfits was an outfit full of bubbles. Even though this handbag doesn’t have bubbles all over it, the pearls do kind of give off that effect.

Some people might be against this bag because of the Hermes similarities but I can see a “pro” to purchasing a bag like this. An Hermes “Birkin” starts at around $10,000, probably more since we are approaching 2011 .. KEEP READING

posted by Marissa