This is one of those bags that I would really love to see in person, and how it fits when on. I wonder how slouchy it is when wearing.

It's available in two colors: run and black. at Bloomingdales

I love the rum color, but whenever I look at the picture I crave a fortune cookie - yum.

I would like to introduce you ladies to a designer named Elie Tahari. He is famous for his luxury ready-to-wear line and has been in the business of fashion since the 1970ís. It wasnít until recently, however, that the New York-based designer added handbags to his collection. His designs are very modern and sophisticated, while still maintaining a sense of timelessness about them. Up until this point though, Elie Tahari bags didnít really call to me. Perhaps they just donít stand out enough .. . . .

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