Saw info about this at the bottom of their email they sent today. Check it out!

By popular demand, we are offering customers the chance to order a limited edition version of our Pompidou clutch with a beautiful print lining. You can vote on the color once you have ordered, choosing from Black, Yam, Lagoon, Grey, Ginger, Blueberry, Ruby, Moonbeam, Violet Patent and Cordovan and vote on whether to put a Hayden-Harnett logo-plate on the front or inside the bag. Click here to vote. The winning color and style announced after sufficient orders have been placed. This special order will be limited to 150 pieces, each with a numbered certificate.
Link is here:
Hayden-Harnett Handbags, Accessories & Apparel - Limited Edition Pompidou Clutch, Special Order Detail

It looks like the Moonbeam and the Violet Crinkle Patent colors are in the lead in the voting! Sign me up!