may 18, 2007

Weekly Web Blog Round-Up
TGIF! This week has felt like the longest week e-v-e-rrrr and I am so glad it is over. All of my close friends have been stricken with the "lazy spring weather virus” that’s going around and have abandoned me to go on vacation out of town (for the last week). Even my boyfriend ditched me (for work). For the last week he has been all the way on the other side of the country, and I haven’t even spoken with him for more than 5 minutes before his cell connection would die (thanks AT&T).

So as this week comes to an end everyone is on their way back home to me. In the meantime I’m going to celebrate this Friday cleaning the house, soothing at Nordstrom’s Spa, giving the baby a bath, and of course reading some sweet articles from other fabulous sites. . . .

Earrings from Gem make Girlawhirl feel like she's on vacation every time she wears them

Stripper shoes or top dollar chaussures? Stylebites looks into the case of the catwalk trend!

My Fashion Life asks that you take a stand against the disaster that is “Paris & Nicole on the cover of Harpers!”

Coquette falls in love with the prints and patterns of Diane von Furstenberg's spring dresses.

Fashiontribes dives in & finds the Top 10 Glamour Girl swimsuits for splashy poolside lounging, Hollywood starlet style.

YSL Tribute shoe is the perfect platform for Kristopher to preach on.

LA STORY muses about taking her iPOD on the run-- with IMainGO!

Papierdoll celebrates the arrival of Boots UK to Target

Second City Style 's (Must-Haves (and Must-Not-Haves) for Summer 2007) is a Must-Read!

She Finds: Celebrity “It” Bags: Which Is Your Fave? tested over 40 products to come up with their list of [Top 10 Sunless Tanners], plus they offer 10 Goof-Proof Tips for Getting the Perfect Faux Tan

Styleaholics: Discover hot new sneaker line Jezign!

Escape with Stylehive to only one of seven astronomic hotels worldwide, Nuestro Hotel's Elqui Domos, where you can stay in a private dome stargazing with the complimentary telescope.

With all the graduates out there right now, don't forget to give them a little something special. The Jewelry Weblog says that message jewelry, in fact, is a great way to show and tell how much you care.