This is a very popular trend, which I am of course loving. The latest designer to add a lower priced line -- Jil Sander! To be called the Navy Line. In stores by 2011

News via stylist:
The designer is launching a lower-priced line called Jil Sander Navy, a more casual, lifestyle offering for women by the company's creative director, Raf Simons.

Jil Sander is know for its perfect tailoring and sleek, minimalist silhouettes, and the new line is expected to complement the tailored feel of the signature collection while offering a casual element in more relaxed fabrics like cotton, jersey, techno fabrics, and knits.

"Jil Sander Navy incorporates the values of purity, simplicity, and ease," Alessandro Cremonesi, CEO of Jil Sander, said in a release.

"Reflecting the nature of casual sportswear, its light and unconstructed fit, as well as the attractive price points, the line will provide the opportunity to address additional clients."

The complete product range includes T-shirts, dresses, pants, tops, skirts, jackets, coats, and jeans, as well as accessories including handbags, footwear, and belts.

The line is said to be priced 40% lower than the Jil Sander collection, which retails from $322 to roughly $4,000.

Launching in January 2011, the new collection will be strongly focused on the U.S. and Japanese markets.
I love the sound of 40% lower than the Jil Sanders highend line. Can't wait for more info to come out.