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    Default Chanel sues Vegas company over alleged counterfeit products

    Chanel sues Vegas company over alleged counterfeit products

    New York-based luxury giant Chanel Inc. is suing a Las Vegas company, claiming it operates Internet Web sites selling counterfeit Chanel goods.

    Chanel filed suit in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Wednesday against Marc Giovanni, Top Modea Purses Inc. and Web sites Chanel says are associated with Giovanni and Top Modea: and

    Chanel lists an address in Thailand for Giovanni and a Las Vegas address for Top Modea. State records show a "Marc Giovanni" at one point was the president of Top Modea.

    A request for comment was left with the defendants Thursday.

    Chanel says the defendants are infringing on its trademarks by advertising and selling counterfeit products including handbags and wallets bearing copies of the Chanel trademarks. The products are likely of inferior quality in comparison to Chanel products, the lawsuit says.

    "Defendants' counterfeit goods are of a quality substantially different than that of Chanel's genuine goods," the lawsuit charges.

    "The net effect of the defendants' actions will be to result in the confusion of consumers who will believe the defendants' counterfeit goods are genuine goods originating from and approved by Chanel," Chanel says.

    The Web site says: "Our designer handbags and accessories are high quality, designer-inspired alternatives to handbags created by renowned designers using the same quality handpicked leather and hardware found at local worldwide boutiques."

    "It is not our intention to fool our customers into believing they are authentic. Instead, we offer inspired designer handbags as a lower-cost alternative for those who wish to enjoy the same fashion and quality without the high price.

    "Authentic designer handbags can only be bought from an authorized dealer, at a boutique, and at designer prices. is in no way representing, associated with, or sponsored by any of the mentioned designers or their products. It is not our intention to harm or dilute the name of these designers, their products, or sales or to infringe upon registered trademarks."

    The Web site says "If you are in the market for a designer handbag or accessory to complement your personal fashion look and styling, but paying hundreds to thousands of dollars is beyond your reach, we are here to offer you a great alternative to own your favorite handbag or accessory."

    "Our handbags and accessories are supplied to us by worldwide wholesalers that purchase from renowned designers, allowing us to bring you great products at reduced prices," the Web site says.

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    Default Re: Chanel sues Vegas company over alleged counterfeit products

    Way to go Chanel!!
    W I S H ♥ L I S T
    Loving my collection!

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    Default Re: Chanel sues Vegas company over alleged counterfeit products

    The websites have been taken down. I would have liked to have seen these supposed "inspired" bags. If it has the Chanel logo then it's not "inspired".

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