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    Default Avelle launches Professional Handbag Cleaning and Repair Service

    Just got this in my mailbox


    New Refurbishment Service Helps Women Keep their Favorite Bags Looking Like New and Avoid Buyer Temptation
    SEATTLE, WA (June 8, 2009) — Today’s tight economy has many people “shopping” in their own closets or hosting swap parties instead of buying new clothing and accessories. Women across America are finding that re-introducing older pieces to their current wardrobe is a smart way to avoid buyer temptation and save money.

    While a signature piece from the past can be used to make a unique fashion statement today, a stained or tattered handbag is never in style. Many women still keep their “well-loved” handbags stowed away in the back of their closets, unwilling to part with them but unable to carry them at the same time. Avelle, the largest online rented-luxury retailer offering more than 4,000 different styles of designer accessories, will now give women everywhere the opportunity to breathe new life into their beloved handbags and keep them looking fresh and new. The company today announced the launch of Avelle Refurbishment, a professional handbag cleaning and repair service that lets women easily extend the lives of their favorite handbags for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

    “Because our members are so passionate about designer accessories and we know many of them have had to ‘retire’ their handbags due to wear and tear, we’ve launched a refurbishment service that will help make their favorite handbags look and feel like new again,” said Michael Smith, chief executive officer of Avelle. “Especially during these challenging economic times, we want to help our customers who are on a budget by offering them solutions that will help them keep the luxury they love so much in their life.”

    Avelle Refurbishment makes cleaning, repairing or refurbishing a bag just as easy as renting one from Avelle. Customers simply complete the cleaning and repair request form and ship their handbag to Avelle. In a few weeks, the handbag is shipped back to them, making it feel like it’s a new bag all over again!

    In addition to basic cleaning and repairs, Avelle Refurbishment services also include, but are not limited to:
    Stain Removal
    Leather Reconditioning
    Parts Replacement
    Handle Reconstruction

    Handbag cleaning, repair and protection services range in price from $45 to $175, depending on the level of maintenance requested. More information about Avelle Refurbishment can be found at Handbag Repair and Purse Cleaning | Avelle |

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    Default Re: Avelle launches Professional Handbag Cleaning and Repair Service

    That is sweet! I wonder who is doing the service for them?
    W I S H ♥ L I S T
    Loving my collection!

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    Default Re: Avelle launches Professional Handbag Cleaning and Repair Service

    From what I've heard (I've never shopped with them) they should probably utilize this service for their own gently loved bags.. I personally would rather take my bag to the original manufacturer.

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