Head on over to Saks Fifth Avenue (dot com) and check out their huge designer handbag sale. Right now, they have a great selection on handbags and accessories to choose from, and some lovelies are even up to 40%+ off!

One of my favorite handbag styles of all time has got to be the Ines shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs. Itís on my top Marc Jacobs design list, just like the popular MJ Stam is. Whatís not to love about this bag? I adore its design, and how stylish and sophisticated it looks. This bag comes dressed in luscious patchwork leather, and itís shade is a perfect year round color. Donít be fooled by the hue in the picture, this Ines actual color is chocolate, not black. Doesnít the gold plated hardware compliment the chocolate leather perfectly? I think so. Dressed up or dressed down, the Ines will still look fab!

If youíre craving a nice couture leather handbag, why not the Ines? Plus, this handbag is one of the many lovely pieces on sale now over at Saksí website. Itís actually on sale for $976.50! Donít hesitate, as we all know that the hottest items are the first to go! Unfortunately for me, I'm a little b-r-o-k-e, or else...

Shop Marc Jacobs and other great designers here: Saks.com