just wondering if anyone owns one and has any feedback. My best friend fell in love with this bag, but I was too enamored by the Little Stam to give it the time of day. I never opened it to see inside, only seen the pictures online, since Nordstrom sold out of this. The plum metallic version on net-a-porter is too gorgeous (and nicely priced at 40% off now) to pass up. I'm trying to figure whether to save a bit more and buy that and hold off on my LV Alexandra wallet and buy that as a birthday present to myself As much as I love it, and it would be a great football bag (Baltimore Ravens fan here haha, as girly as I can be I'm still a football nut!) I'm almost skeptical of buying another metallic bag, my little stam is the blush color. I wanted to get a nice black bag for summer, but this might be alot more fun. I'm pretty sure the Mariah is done, so it might be the better idea to get it. Any input would be great ladies!