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    Default Re: Marc Jacobs Handbag: Please help authenticate purse!

    The corners on the leather do look more rounded than in the other picture you provided. I wonder if anyone here owns this particular style. We could compare.

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    Default MJ Black Multipocket - Help Authenticate!


    I'm hoping that someone can help me authenticate a black small Multipocket. It has all of the telltale signs of an authentic MJ bag (riri on inner pocket and top zippers, MJ "Made in Italy" metal plate, pockets/flaps appear to be correct size, white stitching appears correct...)

    I am stumped because of two things:

    1. Inside of the inner pocket, there is a white paper tag which appears to have a serial number FO5 197. I do know that some bags had tags like this, but so do many/most fakes.

    2. Compared to my other MJ bags, the leather isn't as "buttery soft."

    The bag is in excellent condition, purchased at antique shop. The owner was not familiar with MJ bags, so couldn't offer much help. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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