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Marc by Marc Jaobs | 'Luxy Faridah' Logo Hobo
Yesterday when I should have been packing I went, you guessed it, shopping. I wandered on down to Nordstroms where I discovered a Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag marked down on sale. I went to the Nordstroms site to find a picture but I wouldn?t find it on there. And of course stupid me threw the receipt away so I cant check the style #. I wish I could post a pic of mine but do to the fact that I am walking out the door in 2 minutes I don?t have time. So when I get back you will see it. Oh so how the bag is different from the one posted above - let me just say I have never seen anything like it. The other Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (the one I could find a pic of) is totally the travelers dream bag. Totally versatile, with removable straps and zippers in unique spots that allow you have the option of transforming the bag into a shoulder hobo, backpack, camera case, or fanny back (don?t think I will use this option). You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Well, when I get back you will see. Oh and the bags fabric is made of dark blue corduroy like material with the pinstripe interior.

About the Marc by Marc Jaobs 'Luxy Faridah' bag pictured above ? totally cute, a little bit more then what I paid for the other one, but out of all the bags on the site this one resembles it the most. The Luxy Faridah at Nordstroms is available in mauve or camel (pictured)