August 22, 2007

Marc Jacobs is on Sale
Marc-ey Marc Jacobs has been spotted on the virtual sale rack over at net-a-porter. One of his bags on the clearance shelf is this metallic tote where it’s resting with a 50% off price tag. Any takers?

Don’t shoot me MJ fans, but I think this tote should retail for less, much less. Like it should be part of the Marc Jacobs “Special Items” Line. This bag would fit right in with the other bags from that line.

The body of the bag is dressed in a cross between perspex plastic and canvas - did we run out of the perspex plastic or something? From the side it looks like a canvas tote, but from the front it looks completely different with the metallic print (identical to Marc’s "Special Items” Line).

Discover Marc Jacobs on Sale
Price: (was $595) $297.50