July 4, 2007

Purse Deal: Marc Jacobs Leather Shopper Tote
The time line of the Marc Jacobs Leather Shopper on eluxury:
November: First hit the virtual store shelves at $750 per pop
June: Due to low sales, was marked down to $525
July: Sales still low. Chopped down to a minimal $375

For the price of a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote you can get this Marc Jacobs Leather Shopper! Crazy huh. Well I did call it back in November that this bag wasnít going to be a hit Ė I mean itís just so simple. Thatís not a bad thing, but with an original price of $750 I need more bang for my buck.

Designed by Marc-ey Marc Jacobs, the plain leather bag retailed for $750 but looked more like a freebie designer goody bag that you get as a gift or a shopping sack. Well if you liked it then, but didnít want to spend that much on a simple shoppers tote, then youíre in luck. Along with a couple other designer purses, eluxury has marked this bag down to the lowest price ever, $375. Now thatís more like it!!!! Only the black version is left.

SALE: $375
Discover the Marc Jacobs Leather Shopper Tote