Designer Marc Jacobs Handbags for Under $65
Do you know how hard it is these days to find a nice long lasting handbag for under $300? Thatís like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Well, thanks to Marc-y Marcís Special Items line you can afford a chic designer label handbag without breaking the bank - its cheap chic time, featuring Marc Jacobs.
a) Canít seem to score the new Anya Hindmarch Environmental canvas shopping tote? Then check out the Marc Jacobs canvas totes. A bag that will surely love to take the place of those ďgo-greenĒ shopping totes while you are out exploring the market, and with a super inexpensive price tag of $10 why not get all three.

b) ďJacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote.Ē This simple dark blue tote can be discovered at most MJ boutiques around the globe carrying a shockingly cheap tag of only $12.

c) Walk around with Marc Jacobs signature with the new spring Panam Innovator shoulder bag. Dressed in PVC plastic this little shoulder bag retails for only $48. but if you are looking for a similar bag but are in need for a little bit more space, then check out the Explorer (d) Color availability: white or blue

d) Scribbled with Marc-y Marcís signature itís the bigger version of Panam (c), the Explorer Handbag. Color availability: white or blue.

e) This is the cheapest quilted north-south style Marc Jacobs handbag you can get. Oh this is such a great deal. Do you remember the north / south styled quilted tote that came out about a year ago, well itís still available resting on the virtual shelves of eluxury where it retails for $1,175. Thatís $1,127 more than this Marc Jacobs Special Collection Metallic Quilted Tote, which carries a retail price of $48. But prices aside, I would still chose this cheaper version pictured above. The shimmering metallic colors are so in right now, and will complement your spring attire like magic. Color availability: light rose (above), copper, black, light silver, and light gold.

f) The winner of all of the bags above, itís the glossy metallic baby blue metallic shoulder tote. Available for only $44 this Marc Jacobs tote will surely last you for the whole summer, unlike other lower-brand inspired by handbags that retail for around the same amount.
Also go on over and check out their wallets and coin purses. Most of them retail in the neighborhood of $10 to $20.

side note: If you havenít heard, the rumor circulating throughout the fashion industry is that there may be a new addition to the Marc Jacobs Family. Rumor has it that Marc-y Marc may come out with a third fashion line - not more expensive but a much cheaper line. Well, I donít see how he can go much cheaper than this. You all know, there is the Marc Jacobs line which is on the pricier side ($700 to $1500 average for a handbag), then thereís the Marc by Marc Jacobs line ($100 to $500 average for a handbag), then on the super cheap side thereís the Special Items ($10 to $70 average for a handbag). Now I canít imagine Marc-y Marc coming out with a line cheaper than that.

Price: $10 - $65
Discover the Marc Jacobs Special Handbag Line at most Marc Jacobs Boutiques