I have always thought that classic black and white looks chic on a handbag! It is a great way to make a bold statement without the use of flashy colors. So of course, the Marc Jacobs JJ Patent Leather Clutch was going to grab my attention! What I didnít expect, however, is what I saw when I went in for a closer look!

Instead of that modern look you see with most black and white handbags, the Marc Jacobs JJ Patent Leather Clutch has a really vintage-y feel to it. Just look at that black acrylic starburst embellishment perched neatly on the flap closure! Resembling an over-sized brooch, it sort of reminds me of my grandmotherís costume jewelry. Interestingly, the look was softened a little bit with a woven ribbon-like embellishment that serves as an anchor for the acrylic starburst.


Posted by BRS